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Remedial spelling software for middle primary, to early secondary, and beyond.

Going beyond the mainly visual and phonemic strategies used in The First 200 Words, our latest program uses a technique called "Key Word Association".

Key Word Association
The vast majority of English words can be broken down into components which are found in other words that students can (most often) already spell. "Key Word Association" involves linking each common phoneme-grapheme combination, or 'phonic chunk', with a specific 'Key Word' to aid learning.
      ie.     'au' as in auto     'oi' as in coin     'ur' as in fur     'ch' as in chips

As students practise a list of spelling words, they are engaged in a process of sounding out each part of the word as they type them in. When they come across a 'phonic chunk', it is linked (or associated) with the relevant 'Key Word'. By learning around 50 easy 'Key Words' students can unlock the spelling of most other words!
    ie.   'au' as in auto   is the same as in:   Australia, August, or because

Using the 'Key Words' programme promotes the useful habit of sounding out words, and also helps to fill-in any gaps in a students' knowledge of phonics.
Students gain confidence from being able to spell 'any' word with a little help from the 'Key Words'.
This confidence and students' increased awareness of how words are constructed translates to better literacy outcomes.

There are currently just over 1000 spelling words in the software. Here are some examples of words found at each level:
EASY: across, beach, chair, dozen, escape, feeling, guard, however, inside, June
MEDIUM: adventure, bright, computer, documents, everything, future, grateful, happened, invitation, kitchen
HARDER: appointment, behaviour, conclusion, dangerous, exhibition, frequently, geometry, horrible, illustrated, library

Software Trial
The Literacy Intervention Programme is currently trialling in selected schools across Australia.

The software runs via THE SPELLING CENTRELive portal, with most of the data residing on the school file-server, so as not to be download intensive. However, it does require an internet connection to run, for the purpose of authorisation and updates.
The Windows version is more stable, although we also have a Mac OS version available. The software is compatible with eT4L, and adaptable to suit other education department operating envirnments. The software requires a functional school network, and a competent computer technician to set it up.

Primary schools that own a current site licence for The First 200 Words.
Secondary schools
Requests from other schools will be considered.

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